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If you have any questions, or comments, please feel free to email me at photography@absolutetops.com 

First, I wish to thank our primary sponsor, Midwest Color Lab.  

Here we will have information about our upcoming seminars, training materials, and other items to help you better serve your clients.  Seminar dates will also be posted also be posted on the Midwest Color Lab web site, as well as other valuable information; so be sure to check there often.

Midwest Color Lab is one of the very finest labs around.  The quality is tops, and the service is great too!  Call the lab and find out why so many of the best photographers use this fine lab.  

We need to hear from you.  We have plans for seminars in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.  If you are not in one of our target areas, we need to hear from you.  Send an email to photography@absolutetops.com and we can see about setting up a seminar, or workshop, in your area.  

Templates or actions, which to use?  

    Templates are fine, but they require a lot more work on your part than do actions.  If you use a template, you need to open the images for the template, resize them, and place them in the template.  Also, templates take up a LOT of disk space.  Many templates are several layers, to give you more options, and I don't have to tell you how much room a 10x10 image takes up as a single layer, let alone multiple layers.  

    Actions offer several advantages.  First, with actions, you do not have to resize images, or place them in the template.  The action does that for you.  All you have to do is select the images for the action.  When you start the action, the action will ask for specific images, "Select horizontal image for background" or "Select vertical image for position A" etc.  Another BIG advantage is that actions take up virtually NO disk space.  This is because the action is simply the commands needed to create the template, and then fill it.  I can fit hundreds of actions on a single floppy disk, capable of creating any standard album you can dream of, yet you could not even fit one template on that same disk.  Leave your hard drive space for your images, NOT for templates that are slow to load, and even slower to complete.

Currently, we have 3 "Photoshop action sets" ready to help you WOW your clients.

The first set is for standard 10x10  wedding albums, and is available for an investment of only $199.

There are 215 actions in this set. Below are some samples of the pages that can be made with these actions. Actions are better than templates for several reasons. First, they do not take up a lot of room on your hard drive. Second, since the action makes the template for each use, you can select what ever color, or colors, will look best for the album page you are creating. And the best thing about all of our actions, is that all the work is done for you, there is no need for you to resize images, and the images will also only show in the area they are supposed to. The images will not show in an adjacent opening, they will only show in the opening for which they are intended.  The actions will even tell you what to do, i.e. "select horizontal image for position A" "select vertical image for position D" etc.


The second set of actions is for 8x10 vertical panoramic "coffee table" books, and is available for an investment of only $125.

This set of 34 actions will create stunning 10x16 2 page spreads. When you are finished, there is an action that will let you save each 2 page spread as 2 8x10 photos, so there are no custom size printing charges. The actions walk you through Photoshop, telling you step by step what to do. They are very easy to use, and were made keeping in mind the person who is "not so comfortable" with Photoshop.


The third set of actions we have is for an 8.5x11 landscape book, and is available for an investment of only

This book is printed by "My Publisher" on quality book paper, and is nicely bound. We use this book to display engagement photos, leaving every other page blank. Our clients then take this to the reception and use it as their "guest book." All the guests get to see some great images of the couple, and the couple has all the names of people at the reception with their engagement photos. My wife and I were married 28 years ago, and I can tell you we WISH we had something like this!


We also have DVD's for sale.  These DVD's will be available for all levels, from beginner to advanced.  Our first DVD, "Photography Exposed" is geared toward the new photographer.  If you run a studio, and employ photographers, this would be a good training tool for you.  Why should you have to spend time going over the basics, when you can sit the employee in front of a TV, and let them watch this DVD.  (Photography Exposed covers basic exposure, masculine and feminine poses the 5 views of the face, Rembrandt, modified loop, split, rim, and back lighting, etc.)  Then you can answer questions from them afterwards.   We currently have several titles in production.  All DVD's are available for an investment of only $24.95