We now offer data recovery, from micro drives, compact flash cards, and hard drives.  We can recover any files, not just image files.  This is not the free "DIR" software that is available.  We use a combination of tools including PHLAK, (Professional Hackers Linux Assault Kit).

With our methods, we can recover most lost data, zip files, exe files, data files, tif, jpg, raw, and psd files, etc.  We can even recover data from hard drives that have had the partition deleted.  Camera cards are the easiest to recover.  This is because they do not get fragmented.  Your computer hard drive gets fragmented.  Sometimes that will cause trouble recovering files.  If the data has been severely damaged, and the drive is fragmented, there is a chance that the recovered fragmented files will be corrupt.  This is a problem that does not happen with camera cards. 

The best thing you can do is keep your hard drive de-fragmented.  Not only will this speed performance, it will also allow better data recovery in the case of an accident.

The charge to recover data is only $75 per camera card, plus shipping and data storage.  (When I recover your data, I will gladly send it back to you on the camera card, and recommend you also have the data burned to CD or DVD) For a camera card shipping both ways would be under $10, and the Data storage would be around $5.  So about $90 would recover a card full of wedding day, or family reunion, or what ever, photos. 

Computer hard drives start at $75 and up, depending on the size of the drive.  It will not cost more than $125 for data recovery from a computer hard drive.  The shipping for a hard drive would be slightly higher, and the data storage would be more, depending on the amount of data on the drive. 


I know no one is thrilled about sending a camera card off to someone they don't know to have data recovered.  No one wants to do that, and usually the first time you do that is when you are stuck, and have a job that needs data recover.  Now your first experience has to be the most important one.  Well, I want to help change that.  Grab your camera and take a photo in RAW.  Then format the card in your camera, and send me the card, along with an SASE to return the card to you.  I will recover the single file, return it to you on the card, and email you telling you what the photo was of.  That way you will have had an experience with me, so you will not have to "blindly trust" me with a valuable and important job.

Tom Stark

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