OK, I have a web site for my car, I should start one for my bike. 

I decided that I wanted a motorcycle again.  I had 2 others, a Honda 450 twin, and a Honda 750 four.  A friend of mine heard about a bike that would be cheap, and need some work.  So I got this 1974 Honda 750 Four SOHC bike delivered to my door for $140.  It had been made into a chopper, and not by the guys in Orange County if you know what I mean! 

Here are a couple of photos after I cleaned it up a bit.


The forks had been extended 8" and without raking the bike out.  It was VERY hard to hold up.  I am a big guy, and I could not hold the bike up unless I was sitting on it.  VERY easy for it to get away from you it was so top heavy.  This was probably why the bike had been dumped on the right side so many times.  Lots of damage, all to the right side, showing it spent a lot of time being laid down. 

The frame was painted white, the wiring was a mess, (been painted over and was hard and cracking).  So I decided that I needed to start from the bottom and work my way up on this one. 

Here are a couple of photos of the bike at the start of my work.

As you can see, I am going to turn it into a touring bike.  I got a much wider seat, (to accommodate my wider seat!), a Vetter fairing, Vetter bags, and a Vetter trunk.  I also got a 4 into 1 exhaust.  I want the bike to be quiet, as I plan on adding a radio later. 

I got some 1979 stock  forks  to replace the extended ones.  Of course, that made me have to get a 1979 caliper, rotor, speedo drive, fender, and wheel.  I got a mag wheel delivered to my door for $25!  (Ebay is great huh!).  I hope to get a mag rear wheel also.  They cut the center stand mount off the frame, so I had to fabricate a mount and weld it to the frame.  When I did so, I had a little interference with the left side rear foot peg.  Well, my wife has bad knees and is better off with her legs more extended, so I moved the rear pegs just slightly down, and forward.   I then stripped the white paint off the frame, and found that who ever made it into a chopper, also narfed up the frame all over so they could put body plastic on it to cover about everything.  I cleaned the frame, primed it, and hit it with a little spot putty, but did not go wild trying to make it look good.  It would have been easier to just buy another frame, so I only went to make the frame look presentable.  Most of it is hidden anyway! 

The motor had a broken mount, so I welded that up.  The fairing did not come with any mounting hardware, so I fabricated that.  The saddle bags came with mounting hardware, but it was for a different bike, so I cut, bent, twisted, welded, and lengthened it as needed to fit my bike.  The seat was from a different year bike, and was hinged on the opposite side from mine.  So I cut the hinge off the frame, welded it onto the other side, and then welded a mount for the lock on the hold down side.  I am going to completely rewire the bike.  Lots I still need to get.  I started work on this around the beginning of May.  I hope to ride it from Detroit to Kentucky this July.  If money holds out, I do not see a problem.