Don’t Read This!!!

If you are interested photographic technique,

and how I light my portraits, or what equipment I use;

then stop reading.

I am not going to try to impress you with my knowledge

of photography. Wedding photography is about more than just photographs, a lot more.


  Why should you choose Tom Stark as your photographer; aren’t all photographers the same?


I do NOT believe your photographs are the most important thing on your wedding day. No, that’s not a typo, I really DON’T think your wedding photographs are the most important part of your day. What IS important is the love you share with each other, and the relationship with friends and family. If your photos don’t show that relationship, and express the depth of your love for each other, then they would have no meaning.

I photograph weddings to communicate, visually, the warmth and emotion between a bride and her groom; as they start on their new life together as husband and wife. My wife works as my assistant. Having been married over 27 years, we have a real feel for weddings; and are familiar with the journey you will be starting. It is our great joy to attend hundreds of weddings; each one as unique as the bride and groom themselves.

How will your photographer represent you at your wedding? Will he be polite to you and your guests, or will he be like a bull in a china shop? How will his appearance be? After all, you don’t want him to be at your carefully planned wedding wearing jeans and a sport shirt. Equally as important, you don’t want him to be so over dressed he looks like one of the wedding party! The photographer should only be in a tux at a black tie wedding.

Who cares if your photographs are technically brilliant, if your photographer makes your wedding experience unpleasant? This is what is important on your wedding day; the great time, and wonderful memories, that happen on that all too short day. Mary and I will help you with your day. It will be a fun day, with memories that will live in your heart forever. And to top it off, you will have great photographs, so you can share those memories with others.

Mary and I feel so strongly about weddings, we will photograph no more than one wedding a week. That way we can get to know you, and your friends and family. I don’t want to say "Best Man, do this or that;" when with just a little effort I can say "John, could you please,...." Details make the difference, and no detail of your wedding is too small for Mary and I to pay attention to.

If you have taken the time to read all of this, thank you. You will find, I am sure, that a little extra time invested on your part now will be well rewarded later. I am glad you invested some of your time with me. Again, thank you.

Tom and Mary Stark