Family Portraits taken "On Location" add to the Personality of the image.


    Are you looking for photos of your children, and family, that are unique?  Do you want more than just the standard "cookie-cutter" photos that you see all too often?  Have you ever noticed that children often are not quite at their best when the photography appointment time comes?  Would you appreciate someone who is willing to invest their time to make sure they do catch your child at their best?  Someone who will not tell you that you have so many minutes left, and you need to get this done?  If you want someone who will take the time to do the very best possible for you, then please call me, and let's chat about your family portrait, children's portrait, or what ever it is you need.  I promise I will take the time to do the best I can, and to make you and your family look their best.  I will never rush you, or tell you your time is up.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed, you have nothing to lose, and priceless memories to gain.  Please call now.

Tom Stark